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Austin attorney Gerald Brantley is a tax controversy and litigation attorney. This means he assists clients who have been contacted by the IRS about their tax obligations.

Taxpayers do not pick fights with the IRS. When an IRS agent first contacts a taxpayer, he has already prepared a battle plan. Brantley believes taxpayers need effective representation to end tax controversies started by the IRS. Brantley possesses the experience and knowledge to provide effective representation in administrative proceedings with the IRS, and judicial proceedings in Tax Court. He is dedicated to effectively minimizing clients federal taxes and favorably ending taxpayers’ disputes with the IRS.

Brantley’s experience as a tax litigator has taught him to be solution oriented. When clients are audited, he represents them with the IRS Examination Division. If the IRS examination Division proposes a tax deficiency or penalty, he negotiates with the IRS Appeals Division to settle the case. If negotiation does not produce a satisfactory settlement, he has the proven ability and experience to litigate. Brantley has more than twenty years of experience as a trial lawyer, having successfully litigated in United States Tax Court and in state trial and appellate courts in Texas. Brantley’’’s current litigation practice focuses on federal tax controversies in the United States Tax Court and the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal tax disputes involve complex legal, procedural, and enforcement issues that cause anxiety for taxpayers when they are notified of an audit, face collection of delinquent taxes, or find themselves against the IRS in court. With effective representation, many federal tax controversies can be resolved during the audit with the IRS Examination Division or settled after the examination with the IRS Appeals Division. Brantley believes that taxpayers are best served when the IRS examining agents, appeals officers, and attorneys know that the taxpayer’s representative has the proven ability and experience to litigate a case.

If the IRS has contacted you about an audit, an alleged tax delinquency, or a collection matter, it has already engaged you in a tax controversy. Now would be the time to call Austin tax attorney Gerald Brantley to represent you.

To schedule a consultation with Austin tax attorney Gerald Brantley, contact him by telephone at (512) 637-1045 or email at: [email protected].