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Austin Tax Attorney Gerald Brantley is dedicated to helping clients deal with the Internal Revenue Service. With over twenty five years of litigation experience, Brantley provides zealous, effective representation for his clients, ensuring they pay no more tax than they are legally required to pay.

Brantley’s experience working for the IRS as a senior counsel for 15 years gives him a unique perspective and inside edge when dealing with tax cases. Since his return to private practice in 2007, Brantley’s focus and expertise on the same type of complex federal tax cases he handled for the IRS is now passed on to his clients.

Brantley maintains an “AV” rating, the highest available, from Martindale-Hubbell, a century-old independent service which rates attorneys nationwide. An “AV” rated attorney is recognized by his peers as having achieved very high to preeminent legal ability and very high ethical conduct.

Federal tax laws are complicated and dealing with the IRS is stressful. Brantley understands that taxpayers need effective legal representation when dealing with an increasingly aggressive IRS. The unfortunate reality is simply this: when IRS agents first contact a taxpayer for an examination, it is their intent to extract additional revenue. Brantley is well- versed in the strategies the IRS agents use and knows what countermeasures to engage. Retaining him as your representative will relieve you of the stress of dealing with the IRS and provide you with peace of mind during a burdensome legal process.

Brantley can represent you at all stages of a tax controversy. If you are audited, he attends examination conferences. If an examining agent proposes excessive tax, Brantley will request a conference with the IRS Appeals Division. Brantley will advise you about the merits of any settlement offer. If you decide that the settlement offer should be rejected, Brantley will file a court petition for redetermination of tax. Brantley has the experience to select cases that merit the resources required for a contested trial and the proven ability to litigate difficult cases in U.S. Tax Court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Finally, once the amount of tax is determined and assessed, Brantley will resist overly aggressive IRS collection tactics.

To schedule a consultation with Austin tax attorney Gerald Brantley, contact him by telephone at (512) 637-1045 or email at: [email protected].

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